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To ensure you get the maximum value for your home in the shortest time, you require a seasoned professional to help you with your home sale. I offer the following information to help you understand the sales process. If there is an answer you can’t find here, I will be happy to hear from you! Contact Me today to get started.

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Help For Home Sellers

Want to get top dollar for your home in the shortest possible time. Let me help you with the home sales process. [Read More] 


Knowing Your Market Pays

The more you know about your Local Market the more accurately you can set your price and the better your chances of getting top dollar from the sale of your home. [Read More]


Free Home Evaluation

Knowing what your home is worth is important to have if you are thinking of selling your home. Get a free evaluation of your home. [Read More]


Home Sellers' FAQs

Whether you’re selling your home for the first-time, or you have been through the process before, you’ll have questions. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. [Read More]


Am I Priced to Sell?

Price is the number one factor that most home buyers use in determining which homes to view. Although the price is set by you, the seller, the value of the home is determined by the buyer. Learn more about what factors affect your asking price. [Read More] 


Value of Your Home

Your home’s fair market value depends on a number of other factors. Since the procedure by which it is calculated can be somewhat complex, you will want to seek the guidance of a trained professional. [Read More]


Questions to Ask Before Signing

It is important to be confident in your REALTOR® here is a list of questions you can ask to help you decide if the person you are talking to is the best professional for you. [Read More]


How Long to Sell My Home?

Your REALTOR® will most likely have viewed a majority of the properties included in the comparables and can give you a better idea of why a specific property sold in the time frame recorded. [Read More]


For Sale By Owner

A Quality Real Estate Representative Doesn't Cost...it Pays! Before selling your home by yourself visit this page to read the helpful advantages of listing with a REALTOR®. [Read More]


Hiring an Appraiser

When buying or selling a home, you want to make sure that the property is valued fairly and accurately, as well as ensuring that it is in the best possible condition. [Read More]


Client Testimonials

See what my happy clients have to say. If you would like to get in contact with me or leave a testimonial please feel free to do so. [Read More]



Life moves quickly, and before you know it, you have little children running around your feet and multiple mouths to feed. Children grow equally at the same rate and you’ll just begin to notice a decline in the amount of space that you have. [Read More]



In a world of where there is a preconceived notion that “bigger is better”, most homeowners underestimate or don’t understand the advantages of downsizing to a smaller home. [Read More]


Energy Saving Tips

Not only will you be saving money by adopting energy-saving techniques for your home, you’ll also be helping the environment as well. [Read More]



Staging and RenovationsStaging


Home Staging Help

Preparing your house for selling can be an overwhelming task if you have lived in your home a few years or many. Find helpful home staging help so that you can sell your home more quickly and for more money. [Read More] 


Home Improvements

It is important to know what home improvement will pay off when you sell. Find what improvements provide you with the biggest return on investment. [Read More]


Staging Your Home For Sale

Knowing how to stage your home to appeal to buyers can make a big difference in your selling price. [Read More]


Staging Your Kitchen

Kitchens can make or break a home sale, learn more about how to stage your kitchen to help sell your home. [Read More]


Staging Your Living Room

Make sure that you know how to depersonalize your living room before you put up your home for sale. [Read More]


Painting Your Home

You want to make your home as appealing as possible, it is time to learn how to appeal with colour. [Read More]





Relocating to the Area

Relocating for homeowners is often an intimidating task. I am here to make your relocation to our area stress-free and hassle-free. [Read More]


Planning Your Move

While buying or renting a new home can bring joy and excitement, most people can agree that moving from one home to another, can be troublesome. [Read More]


Hiring a Movers

When it comes to moving you can try to move all your belongings yourself, or you could hire a moving company to do it for you. [Read More]


Self-Moving Advice & Tips

Moving by yourself will help you save money, work out those guns of yours and probably be able to get some free help from your friends and family. [Read More]


Moving with Children

Moving can be a challenge for anyone, even for your children. Some children might be frightened by the prospect of moving, but, with your care, guidance and positivity, moving with your children will be enjoyable for them. [Read More]


About Justin

Justin loves the outdoors: camping, biking, running, hockey, tennis, golf and just about every other sport. An avid student, he is constantly upgrading and furthering his real estate education, which is essential in a rapidly changing market. [Read More]


Knowing Your Local Market

It is good to understand how many houses have sold in your geographical area compared to past years in order to determine what the popularity in the area is. [Read More]


Client Testimonials

View what all of my clients have to say about me by viewing this page and reading my client testimonials. [Read More]


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